Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ezra's Nautical Fun Birthday


Last weekend we celebrated Ezra birthday party at Crumbs, Bangsar. The party was supposed to be in the previous week, but both Ezra and his sister Zara kena rotavirus. (Virus jahatttttt!)

The truth is, I hate birthday parties. Or maybe i used to. My poor Kid never had a proper birthday party, u know with all the baloons and fancy decoration. And to some point, I'm kinda hate any birthdays (Yeahh just like those emo people banning the V-Day) (Dan untuk kesekian kalinya, V-Day is not a Christian thingy, it is just that Valentine Guy thingy. And it is all about commercializing the day; to boost the sales of flowers, chocs, cards, teddy bears, and also to increase the profit for restaurants, just like any other celebration like Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, Grandmother's Day, Your 2nd Cousin's Day etc).

With the authority that I have, I therefore ban any birthday celebration in my small family. Muahahahahahhahahahaha.

But ahhhh of course Ezra is an exception la kan. Because, I'm secretly in love with him *shy*.
I once told my husband, that one day, i nak pinjam Ezra bawak balik rumah. Satu hari pun cukup lah.
Maka, demi Ezra, Mak Long un"ban"kan birthday celebration!
Comel macam ni, mana boleh tahan!

The theme for the day is Nautical Fun.

Nautical fun theme

Adiks-in-law bought this cute sailor dress for Tisya to wear. It's too cute, and made from cotton. Just comfortable for active toddler like this.

Nice right?
And alang-alang Mak Long dah isytiharkan OK to celebrate birthdays, Mak Long pula yang over excited, feeling-feeling Sailormoon siap cari top nak sama dengan anak (guna Goggle image search).

The celebration was OK. Lepak-lepak, makan-makan, minum-minum. Tisya had fun, so yeah we had fun too.

Mak sama anak memang sama-sama suka scribbling. Tapi hasilnya pun memang entah apa-apa.

Juga posing-posing depan camera.

Tisya & Zara
Zara is 5 months older than Tisya. But look how cemetot my kid is compared to her. Tisya masih boleh muat pakai baju budak 9 bulan. And it frigging stress me out each time. But again, hey I'm 31, and I can still fit into 13yo punya baju. So what a fuss about it, right?

The birthday boy cried during the cutting cake session, just like how the big sister did during her 1st birthday party.

Maybe I should show this post to their parents. Hahaha.

I remember during Zara 1st birthday, Tisya was just 7 months. 

Ahhh maybe if this year treating her good, (hey dragon, please be nice!), we can have a small celebration for her.

Though, if you ask me the ideal celebration would just to be with her all day long. Just let her wake up by herself,  cook her favourite dish, watch cartoon maybe, or maybe go out to any park; and just watch her skipping all the way.

But we'll see, we'll see. We have few months to go.
If not, I can just re-ban birthdays.

But for now, happy birthday Ezra.
Mak Long syiok kat you!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rabu Tanpa Kata #7 (Versi Baju Tunang)

Disember 2007

Februari 2012

I muat lagi pakai baju tunang *grin*