Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Nothing more frustrating when your child is sick, and people around you post things saying that your child's name, your beautiful, smart and helpful child's name is the same as nama jin.

I never be frustrated like this.
None of these people offer supportive words when we were through shits all this while.
Nevetheless lend helpful hands.

And now this.

-Proud mom to Nur Batrisyia-


Lina said...

they're just jealous of u! u're so strong and they're just plain pathetic. let it be..

Nurul Isabella said...

Dear Lina,

I'm so touch by your words. Eveytime I was down, you were the one telling me things are allrite. Ironically, we've only known each other like a years?Or maybe less.

Thank you, Lina.

Diza said...

Kak Nurul, Ustaz kata takde dalil/hadith yang cakap Batrisyia tu nama Jin hehe. Nama sedap, Jin mestilah nak guna jugak. Entah-entah ada je jin nama Diza hahaha.

Nurul Isabella said...

Selama ni akak dok la cerita pasal allergic rhinitis, tonsillitis, pasal adenoiditis, pasal hyperactive airway, tak pulak paham-paham manusia kat dunia ni.

Bila ada cerita pasal jin fuhhhh cepat plak orang absorb and relate kat Tisya.

Boleh je nak tukar jadi Nur Kumalasari ke. Banyak pilihan nama pendek, boleh pnggil samada Kuma, Mala atau Sari. Jin pun malas nak ikut.