Monday, December 20, 2010

Jentayu Itu Aku

Been  a tough like hell for this two weeks.

Last two weeks, The Man of The House has to attend some training or whatever with his work. I have to wake up around 5am, preparing the kid's stuffs etc, so we can reached at the babysitter's at 6.30am. Sent the Man of The House to Putra Central, and rush to office later. After work, rush to back to fetch the kid. Wait, didn't I tell you it was raining the whole week? While one hand with umbrella, and the other with holding my kid, and her diaper bag on my shoulder, trying not to wet my lil kid. I'm telling you, AKU DAH BOLEH JOIN WIPEOUT, paham? I was all wet every single day reaching home. Sementelaah duduk rumah flat, mana ada porch. Redah hujan hari-hari. Biar aku basah, jangan si kecik tu kena hujan. Malam drive lagi sorang-sorang pergi Putrajaya.

last week pulak, The other half was on business trip for a week. But I have SuperMak to help me to take care of the kid. My poor SuperMak. I'm living in a guilt for seeking for her help at my own house. But she's the only support system I have. I had much better week while she was around. Sampai rumah siap ada makanan semua.

From now on, I just wanna be like her. My mom can fix toilets, changing light bulbs, fixing car etc. She's just so, awesome.

Plus,I used to be very independent before.

Dari sekarang, aku mau jadi Jentayu.
Walau dalam kes ni, memang kuku gue patah dulu.

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