Friday, November 19, 2010


So, yesterday my kid had a piece of paper in her mouth.

I battled digging it out from her mouth, and all of sudden, she pointed her finger and shouted CAT!

The Cat Trick.

That's the trick we usually use to distract her everytime she dedided to put on drama/eat paper/eat my phone/eat more paper etc.

Tisya,tengok tu cat!
Cat tu cat, says meow meow.
Alaa comel tu cat!

So yesterday she used the same trick.

Funny. My kid tried to divert my attention with The Cat Trick.

Sorry Sayang, nice try, bu Mama don't fall for that trick.
Mama invented it, see?

But I give a big fat A+ for your effort.
You are smart, my baby.

But stop eating papers will you?
Mama loves you.

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