Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Both of parents are going to Mecca tonight.

And my youngest sister gonna stay with us until they arrive back at Malaysia somewehre in November.

I know, SuperMak is worried sick to leave my little sister with me.

Yes, she's 12. But yet, she's the baby in the family.

She never been apart from my SuperMak for all this time.

Been still sleeping with her all these nights.

And since SuperAyah was away working in Batu Pahat, they were the only people left at home.

Just the two of them.

The BFF.

My sister and my mom.

My SuperMak. Her tears rolled down her cheeks when she talked about leaving my lil sister.

To be apart for more than a month.

Now that I'm a mom. I totally understnad that shitty feeling.

The feeling of leaving your own child away.

I hope I can convince her not to worry.

I will try my very best to take a good care of my lil sister.

My lil sister. She's my lucky star.

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