Thursday, October 14, 2010

Confession 1

I'm miss my SuperMak and SuperAyah teribbly.

They've been staying at my litlle flat for few days before the departure.

Everyday when I woke up, I can hear my SuperAyah's voice recite Quran at next room.

While SuperMak in the kitchen preparing coffee for him.

I just want to broke down and cry.

I need my siblings a.k.a my baduts to cheer me up.

But Hazlami drove himself to Penang on the night my parents left.

And Hidayah drove all by herself to Terengganu yesterday.

I'm counting days to meet them again.


raF|za said...

sabar sabar. one month eh baru derang balik? my parents pergi haji time i 14 tahun :( cop..u pon panggil siblings u baduts ke..hehe

Nurul Isabella said...

Balik 28th November 2010.

OMG u call ur sibs the baduts jugak ke? Hihi

My siblings, they are funny yet annoying.

But they keep my sanity.