Friday, April 16, 2010

Mama Yang Trauma

Last night Tisya jatuh katil.
I turned around in a second, JUST ONE FRIGGING SECOND, and *duusshhh* she was already lying on the floor! I went hysteric! If only I put her at the centre of the bed. If only I put her in her cot. If only I didn't turn around. How I wish I could turned back time *sigh*

She cried few minutes. (Her crying still haunting me till now.)
Guess what, after a while, she started to rolled on the bed again!

Hish, I know Fred Durst is hot. But, do not listen to him when he said: keep on rolling, baby. For goodness sake! Don't you learn a lesson, Sayang?

I still feel guilty about it. Perhaps, I should pasang kandang dekat katil.
And we gonna look like bears in zoo.

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