Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Gemok, Kekasih's family cat had gone missing for days. Kekasih sisters are terribly sad right now *sigh*

I love Gemok. He's fat, lazy, cute. Just like any other ordinary home cats.

I seriously hope he will come back.

I remember few years back, they had a cat named Manja. Unlike Gemok, who is a bit shy with strangers, Manja on the other hands, was manja with everyone including with strangers (ex: me). I was upset when Kekasih told me Manja went missing. I remember, evertime I went to their home, while waiting for Kekasih outside the house, I will played with Manja for a while. After he went missing, I will stared at the bench outside the house, hoping Manja was still there. Sitting lazily, looking cute. But of course, it wasn't there.

So if you see a shiny black fat cat, do contact us. Please. This cat meant a lot to the family.

p/s: This is why I do not want to keep any pet anymore. I just couldn't take the pain of losing them.


D i z a said...

yay, gemok dah balik! :))

Nurul Isabella said...

Biasa tau Gemok ni. Kena tanam cip la dia ni. Senang nak detect dia kat mana.